A while ago I posted a request calling Add-In writers to create an Add-In or mini program that would clearly display  programmed keyboard short-cuts when executing a command in Revit to help new users pick up them up quickly. A month or so ago I renewed this request with Harry Mattison from Boost Your BIM and he’s come through with the goods!

Check out his recent post;  Learn Keyboard Shortcuts with an API app

This will really help your Revit users learn to use keyboard shortcuts more easily and hopefully more quickly too. It’s not on the Autodesk Exchange Apps site yet, so you still have a last minute opportunity to suggest any improvements to Harry before it is finalised. While your at Harry’s site check out his competition too; Win a free, custom-built Revit API app for using Image-O-Matic!

Providing a solution with a productivity boosting Add-In leads to a betterRevit!

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