Those who currently use Family Browser will most probably be aware of the recent update released last week. The functionality doesn’t appear to have changed other than the ability for Family Browser to now be fully integrated within the Revit 2014 user interface. Don’t get me wrong, this is a massive leap forward! Previously, my only gripe with Family Browser was the occasional graphics glitch, which has now been completely eliminated by fully integrating it within the Revit UI. You can select on loading whether or not to use Family Browser in classic mode (as previous versions) or integrated. Your selection is stored for future application loads.

Once in Revit the new interface is just like a typical palette window, such as the Project Browser or Properties palette. It can be moved to another monitor, resized, floated, or docked to an edge of the primary Revit interface. Best of all it even works with the new (Revit 2014) dockable windows, allowing you to stack it with other windows such as the Project Browser or Properties palette, and simply switch between the windows using the tabs at the bottom. Refer to the following Kiwi Codes video for more details;

It goes without saying that Family Browser is one of our default third party Add-Ins deployed with the Autodesk Building Design Suite installation. We have it nicely configured with Vault Basic to easily manage our library, but more on that in a future post. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming post on must have third party Revit Add-Ins.

Well done to Kiwi Codes for creating something that genuinely leads to a betterRevit!

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  1. Thanks Mark for the nice post. I look forward to your blog post with regards to your integration of Family Browser and Vault

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