I recently posted about a really useful Revit keyboard shortcut Add-In being developed by Harry Mattison from Boost Your BIM.

Well there’s good news, it was released last week and now, a few days later, an updated download implementing a couple of improvements has been made available. You can get hold of the Keyboard Shortcut Tutor from Harry’s site. The trial version is limited to displaying only shortcuts that contain the letter W, however the full version can be obtained for a very affordable US$4.99.

Simply download and install the app, and make sure you have a copy of your keyboard shortcuts file at C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2013\KeyboardShortcuts.xml. (In Revit just go to View, User Interface, Keyboard Shortcuts, and use the import/export options.)

Next time you start Revit you’ll see a small window in the lower corner of your screen that displays the shortcut keystrokes for the command you’ve just entered, helping you to learn the shortcuts quickly.

Keyboard Shortcut Screenshot

This is one of those Add-ins that has the potential of really improving a Revit user’s efficiency, well worth a fiver! But try thinking on a larger scale, overall productivity. I’m planning on making it mandatory for all junior Revit users in our firm.

I’m glad my call was answered. Improve your productivity while progressing towards a betterRevit!


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