I’ve come to the realisation that Add-Ins are following in the way of Apps – not so long ago there were none, a few short years later and there are millions!

Several years ago I made an effort to establish which Add-Ins were available for Revit  and I kept track of the new arrivals with anticipation. Then over a year ago they started arriving at a rate of knots. I quickly lost track of which features some of the collections of Add-Ins had hidden away in them, and I started discarding the non architecture flavoured varieties. Looking at the Add-In scene today it is apparent that an explosion is under way, every man and his dog is creating them! And the results vary accordingly…

Over the coming months I’m going to take a look at some of the more useful Add-Ins (from an architectural perspective),  and provide critical reviews to some of the more promising ones. This process will undoubtedly start with a longer list, which I’ll attempt to break down into categories, and assess their relevance to my preferred workflow. I certainly won’t be aiming to produce a list as long as Tim Grimm’s over at revitaddons, but will hopefully dig a bit deeper and consider compatibility issues, such as whether they will work if you use custom shared parameters instead of the default system parameters in your company template.

Seeking efficient solutions is vital for a betterRevit.

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  1. James says:

    ..maybe not specifically architectural in context, but we hope that the Modelobjects BIM messenger for Revit Add-in makes the cut :)

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