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After complaining to everyone from the guys launching it at AU last year, Shaan Hurley, through to our local Autodesk resellers, I’m now very happy to learn that an Android version isn’t far away.


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I first saw the news on Shaan’s blog. He hinted at it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t expect to see progress so soon. It’s not a minute too late either, as a recent poll at BrisBIM showed that the majority (18 votes) of AEC professionals within the Brisbane region use Android based mobile devices for work. This was closely followed by iOS (17 votes) and Windows 8 trailed behind (5 votes).


 This shows that tablets used for work purposes are quickly following the smart phone trend which has seen a massive swing from iOS to Android over the last 12 months. Lets just hope that Autodesk can keep up and also have Apps like 360 Glue and 360 Field on the way for Android too…

Take a look at the FormIt website for further details.

FormIt gets us one step closer to a betterRevit workflow!


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3 Responses to Autodesk FormIt for Android

  1. Chad says:

    I too pressed the developers at AU last year for this on Android. From what I could tell, as much as they understood the request to be a high priority, they still refused to accept that the swing from iOS to Android had already happened.

    If I had of been able to attend the meeting I would have given Android another vote. 8^)

    It would be good to get those stats on the BrisBIM site as public evidence.

  2. Mark Cronin says:

    Hi Chad, yes I feel that it will be an ongoing battle. I was just reading about the new Revit 2014 iPad App. No mention of an Android version again…

    I’ll post the results of the poll on the BrisBIM website soon. I’m planning on sending it to my Autodesk contacts in both the US and Australia to try and highlight current trends, but the more people that mention it, the more chance we have of seeing Android Apps earlier (I doubt they’ll ever switch to producing Android Apps first but maybe we won’t have to wait as long!).

    • Chad says:

      Excellent re: the distribution to ADSK.

      I think you’ll agree that we don’t want Android to be released before iOS, but rather just put it on equal level (where it is these days) and make the releases parallel.

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