The recent lack of posts has been due to time being taken up finalising the production of my AU Virtual class; AB5300-V From Autodesk® Revit® to Architectural Visualization in 60 Minutes Using Autodesk® Building Design Suite. The AU Virtual classes list will be made available in around 3-4 weeks.

I managed to complete all of the content on time and it has all been uploaded. There are five videos (each about 12 mins long) and sample files that outline quick, simple workflows. The demonstrations are designed to get you started with something really fast, that you can then build on and develop to produce more polished visuals. Below are a couple of the quick & rough samples from the various applications.








If you are interested in some really quick workflows from Revit using the Autodesk Building Design Suite  (including applications such as Composite, SketchBook Designer, Showcase, & 3ds Max Design), targeted at users with minimal experience in these apps, then be sure to check out the class when it is released in November.

Learning and experimenting leads to betterRevit!


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