For those that have been following my series of FormIt posts which started last November, this is the latest instalment. The FormIt Web Beta has finally been released. As hinted at in my last FormIt post, we knew that a web version was on the way and it quietly appeared over a week ago on the FormIt website.

From the FormIt website:

While FormIt Web does not have all of the features of the iOS version (yet) we still could not wait to get it out there and get your feedback. Here are some details:

  • Runs in the latest stable builds of Chrome and Firefox on Windows or Mac.
  • Modeling operations including: place primitives, extrude polygons, modify faces and edges, boolean operations
  • Import satellite images
  • Metric or Imperial units
  • Apply default materials
  • Opens and saves FormIt sketches created on iOS or Android by logging into your Autodesk 360 account.
  • We also just released minor updates to the iOS and Android FormIt to support reloading sketches that have been saved from the web (and between the two mobile platforms)

I can verify that loads of the features present in the App versions (both iOS & Android) are currently missing from the web beta, but it’s early days yet and they are (hopefully) on the way. Once it is more feature rich, it will slot in really well in front of Revit and become a valued tool in your workflow.

Better conceptual tools lead to a betterRevit!


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