Well over a year after I first came across M-SIX (on LinkedIn), VEO has finally been released. After much hype and anticipation, and a delayed January launch, Veo is now available to the public. There is even a trial version available.

I was lucky enough to See VEO in action last year in a special demo put on by Phil Read just after RTC Australasia last year. As you would expect from the people that have been involved with this project over recent years, it really has the potential to be a great solution for the built environment. Will it live up to expectations? Only time will tell, but you have a look at the solution on offer and tell me that you aren’t at least the slightest bit interested or intrigued… Why don’t you give it a go now?

VEO Learn

Extending the use of the model beyond design really should be your primary motivation for a betterRevit!

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