Just a quick update to yesterday’s post.

While the wording has changed (Evolver to Project Pinocchio) on Autodesk 360, full access is now available (assuming that you use Building Suite Premium and up).

Autodesk 360-2

I have to say that I’m really impressed by Project Pinocchio. The level of customisation is well beyond anything that I was expecting. Layer after layer of selections, right down to eye colour and even the shoes!



Publishing the character takes a while but it is such a simple process. It’s not often that I’d say this, but I think that Autodesk should be congratulated,  not only for harnessing the power of the cloud to provide their customers with a better solution, but for creating something truly useful, even if people didn’t realise they needed it! Ok, so you may not use a lot of people in your architectural visualisations, especially in the foreground, but now you have no reason not to, especially with the simplified suite workflow! Whether you’re creating stills or animations, (although this software makes you want to produce animations when a still image would suffice!) you really should give it a go.

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