I was logged in to Autodesk 360 today and the new graphics accompanying the new logo over to the right side of the screen caught my eye. I’d read about this a week or two ago so it wasn’t really the logo but what was under it, that I was surprised by:

Autodesk 360


What’s that at the bottom of the list of services that I can Access Now? Evolver? It rang a bell but I couldn’t recall what it was…

Enter Project Pinocchio!

Project Pinocchio


A quick search at the Labs gave more info but I didn’t give it too much thought, until I recalled last week’s announcements about Project Geppetto (on Shaan Hurley’s blog) being incorporated into the next release of 3ds Max, it all started making sense! I’ve mentioned updates to Geppetto previously. Check out how far Project Geppetto has come:

Unfortunately when I tried to access the Evolver feature on Autodesk 360 I received the following message:

Project Pinocchio reject

Hopefully we will get access soon. Geppetto and Pinocchio combined really will be a game changer for adding characters to your architectural visualisations! Extending the capabilities of your Revit model to achieve fantastic results is what the betterRevit blog is all about!

**EDIT: Just as I hit publish on this post, I saw that Scott Sheppard has just published more information on Project Pinocchio at It’s Alive in the Lab!


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