I’m aware of the wish list over at AUGI and we also used to be able to provide feedback through the Revit Customer Council (though that seems to have disappeared?) and then there is the beta programs forum, and various other forum wish lists, but its not that kind of list that I’m creating. Its not so much as a wish list as way of tracking features that (as far as I’m aware) don’t exist, but would be really useful. If they escape criticism, and could prove potentially useful to others as well, then  I’ll try and push them through the proper channels. All to often on the various blogs that I read I see so many great ideas, the majority of which probably don’t make it any further than that particular post. Hopefully this will list will prevent me from losing any ideas on this blog.

I’ll start it off with one or two, and come back and build on the list over the coming months;

Cut Pattern

1. The ability for Revit to alter the Drafting fill pattern to predefined scale. No, not like a model pattern. The Australian Standards call for hatch at a certain size for 1:50 upwards, and the same hatch but about double in size for below 1:50. Consider block work pattern. what looks good at 1:100 doesn’t look right at 1:5. Yes there are lots of workarounds, but they are just that, workarounds! I don’t want users having to override graphics in view, or use filled regions, etc. I want to keep it as smart and simple as possible. What I would like to see is a setting in Revit that allows you to specify that a Drafting pattern can be either fixed (as they currently are) or the scale of the pattern can double on views above a selectable scale. Is that unreasonable? Perhaps these settings could be located in the Graphics Properties, Cut Pattern dialogue box?

2. While we are on the topic of fill patterns, it would be useful to be able to change the scale of custom patterns (edit, modify pattern properties). Currently the option is grey out. This would be easier than having to reload the custom pattern, assuming that you can remember which file it is in and where it is located!

3. The option to sketch a shape to create a section box in a 3D view, or use multiple boxes together in a single view. This doesn’t really need any explaining; it would allow you to get a good section through a building with different levels, or clearly show (or remove) various parts of a building as required. As usual, there are other work arounds available, but they are just that; work arounds!
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