A new technology preview has been launched on the Autodesk Labs!

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It uses flow analysis technology and is intended to provide hydraulic and mechanical designers with live feedback. From Scott Shepard’s blog, It’s Alive in the Lab:

Project Dalton is our newest technology preview that allows designers and engineers to develop complex piping and ducting systems more quickly and with greater accuracy through the use of integrated simulation technology. Project Dalton is an integrated simulation tool that provides you with accurate results within the design environment. Unlike other flow analysis tools, the Dalton technology provides results while you design, guiding and informing you of the optimum solution during your design process.

  • Flow analysis for distribution networks
  • Solves for Velocity, Pressure, Temperature, Mass Flow Rate and Reynolds Number (ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces)
  • Dependent on geometry of the distribution network (pipe length, diameter, type, joints, etc.)
  • Standalone app based on industry standard input format (.pcf)

Could this be the software that changes the way the industry works together? Maybe this isn’t the tool, I don’t know as I’m more focussed on architectural solutions, but until engineers start designing in software, rather than just using it to model or document, we won’t be getting the most from BIM during the design process. Maybe it’ll be more of a generational change, those coming through university now or recently will be more comfortable using software for design purposes, able to really utilise the efficiencies on offer.

Download the Technology Preview now!

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  1. Brian Frank says:

    Project Dalton has been updated to include plugins for Revit MEP and Plant 3D. The update is available at http://labs.autodesk.com/technologies/dalton

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