There are some pretty cool technology previews about at the moment, courtesy of Autodesk Labs.

Maximo® Integration has just been added and I’m really excited about this one! It is intended to extend the value of BIM through to the operations phase. The data can be published directly into Maximo but more importantly, it can also be exported in the COBie data specification! This will hopefully help in the drive to try and give useful data life beyond design and construction. I’ll be following this closely…

Project Geppetto was updated about a month ago. If you use 3ds Max for any of your visualisation requirements then you should be using Geppetto. It is the single easiest way to populate your architectural scenes with animated crowds of people. Even for still images, such as a simple clay model, a single figure to convey scale can be placed with just a couple of clicks. You can also define flows of traffic and areas of idle people, either interacting with others or not.

And the movement of their animation is great, unlike some of the alternative solutions, not to mention that they have collision avoidance! You can read all about Geppetto’s  history and development at the labs. This update includes additional meshes (more people types) now with textures, and 12 motion styles (6 male, 6 female). There are limitations as it is only a technology preview, but the potential is truly fantastic.

Augmented Reality for Showcase was added last week too. This technology preview allows you to overlay a Showcase model on a live video feed. This looks like it may be perhaps more fun than useful (to me anyway), but I’ll have a play with it and post some results soon.

Either way, if you use Revit via a suite workflow, you should be looking at these tools. Don’t forget to check out the very useful ADN Plugin of the Month Catalogue while you are there.

betterRevit is all for using technology previews to extend the usefulness of Revit generated data!

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