It appears that Project Vasari, a technology preview from Autodesk Labs has just graduated! The beta is available from the Autodesk Vasari website.

This is interesting, as it indicates that Vasari will most likely remain it’s own product and not be rolled into Revit in one form or another. This is both exciting and a little disappointing, I was kind of hoping that it was rolled into Revit as a form finding solution, like an advanced version of the Conceptual Design Environment. At least that way I’d have one less application to keep up to speed with! I’m sure that it will provide a lot more benefits as a stand alone application though, it already has several Add-ins.

The beta expires on January 31, 2013. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Vasari bundled into one of the Building Design Suites next April.

If you haven’t tried Vasari you are really missing out. It has been around as a technology preview for almost two years, I can remember first getting excited reading this post. It is one of the most powerful geometry creation tools that I’ve used, and it uses the native .rvt file extension. It’s built in analysis tools have really added a whole new feature set too, in a move away from Ecotect, which is in decline. If you are looking for somewhere to get started, or trying to get an idea of it’s advanced capabilities have a look at the WikiHelp pages.

Thanks to Paul Listo for the heads up on the beta release. Exciting new design and analysis tools always make for a betterRevit!

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