I read a post last week over at the Revit Kid.com that really got me thinking. It’s not often that you come across new ideas, even though the features may have been around for a while, just forgotten about (by me at least!). The topic was about exporting views as Linked HTML files for  hosting on an internal project website. Check out the test website Jeffrey Pinheiro created from the sample Revit file.

Example Website

Jeffrey Pinheiro’s post was inspired by a post on Shoegnome about the future of architectural documentation. While this kind of functionality may just make up a part of our digital future, the article is well worth a read!

But are we already using some of this functionality? Does hosting a current set of documents on the cloud count? If you think of it like that, sharing documents via FTP is nothing new. But start combining this style of document issuing with other technologies, throw in a bit of automation, and either way we are slowly but surely making the move to digital delivery! What new technologies are you using to improve the way you deliver?

The future has never looked brighter at betterRevit!


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