If you’ve ever dabbled with the Revit API or wondered about giving it a go, then you should check out Harry’s blog over at Boost Your BIM. He is very experienced, having worked as a developer on the Revit API team, so if you’re after tips straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak!) you should have a look at his site.

One of his recent posts documents how to use macros in Revit, all very worthwhile stuff if you’re not yet familiar with it. I’ve been reading Harry’s blog since his second or third post in December; he provides good descriptions along with the commented source code. He’s also very forthcoming with answers to submitted questions. What more could you want?

Maybe he could even provide a solution to my keyboard shortcut request, although he has indicated that a Windows based solution may be more applicable.

Reading Harry’s blog will hopefully encourage you to do more with the Revit API, leading to a betterRevit for you!


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2 Responses to Getting Started with the Revit API

  1. Thanks Mark! I have been thinking about the keyboard shortcuts project & hopefully will have something to report in the near future

  2. Mark Cronin says:

    No worries Harry, I look forward to your reply.

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