I’ve heard rumours that the launch was impending, and now Autodesk have officially announced the arrival of Revit LT.

Many of you may have tried it from the Labs as a Technology Preview called Project Spark. It first surfaced just over a year ago with some restricted functionality, as you would expect from a technology preview, but the deal breaker for most was the lack of file compatibility. You couldn’t open a Project Spark .rvt file in Revit. You’ll be glad to know that the final version of Revit LT is now fully compatible with all other products on the Revit platform.

The comparison matrix may give you a better idea of the differences between Revit and Revit LT. In my opinion, the key factors preventing firms already using Revit from downgrading (a reasonable percentage of licences) are:

  • No worksharing
  • Lack of conceptual massing, adaptive components and in place modelling
  • No IFC or gbXML export
  • No API interface
It may prove suitable for family content creators and detailing though? And more importantly it should provide a good stepping stone for firms still on 2D. Autodesk has conveniently bundled it into a suite already; AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2013. I wonder how it will be priced…
Giving more people access to Revit most definitely leads to a betterRevit!



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