Wow, how time flies! It’s only just over two weeks away from the start of RTC Australasia.



If you haven’t registered yet, get in quick. If you register by 12pm on the 1st May you have the chance to take home a Dell M6700 17″ Mobile Workstation, as posted by Wesley earlier today. Don’t forget to check out my class – Open the Door on Formulas in Autodesk® Revit® Architecture in session 14;

1. Learn how simple formulas can add value to the way you use doors
2. Understand what functionality you should introduce to improve your workflow
3. Create effective formulas in your door families to increase operational efficiencies


I’m also co-presenting Can Architects and Structural play nicely? in session 12 with Nathan Love.

RTC is a great conference, a good size with a load of real Revit stars in attendance. It’s a unique experience where you can stop and chat to almost anyone in the venue and know that you can have a meaningful conversation on something Revit related. I hope that I catch up with you there!

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