I’m busy preparing for the Revit Technology Conference Australasia 2013 which is kicking off on Thursday in Auckland. If you haven’t booked yet it’s not too late…


If you’ve ever wondered how to highlight doors in a schedule if they don’t meet minimum clear opening requirements, or show a warning if they are used in a wall that doesn’t comply with your thickness requirements, or how to visually verify code compliance, and lots of other little tricks, then you should consider registering for my class: Open the Door on Formulas in Autodesk Revit”.

Or if collaboration worries are more of a concern for you, then perhaps you should look at attending “Can Architects and Structural Play Nicely?” at which I’m co-presenting with Nathan Love.

There are lots of great presentations lined up and it is shaping up to be a great event. I hope to see you there!

RTC is one event that really does give you the knowledge and allow you to progress to a betterRevit!

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