The purpose of this blog is twofold; I hope to contribute to the Revit community that I have relied on for years, and I’m sure that at the same time I will be pointed in the right direction when I  hit the odd brick wall myself! I plan to focus on how to make Revit do more for the users, whether it is improving efficiencies through Add-Ins or creating richer models with the intent of providing information for life cycle management. As it says at the top of the page, betterRevit leads to good BIM! I would like to provide more answers than questions, but as all Revit users know, that’s not always possible! I hope that reading this blog leads to a betterRevit for you!

Mark Cronin

I’m an Associate and the Design Systems Manager at Peddle Thorp, based in the Brisbane office, Australia. One of my main priorities is maximising the efficiency of BIM within the company, and I’m constantly looking to improve processes and enhance deliverables. I have experience in implementing and managing Revit, developing design work-flows, and applying and managing BIM standards and protocols. With a background in digital design tools and visualisation in the UK, I have a BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology from Northumbria University.


I am also an Ex- Autodesk Student Expert. I have previously spoken at various conferences, including Autodesk University and the Revit Technology Conference, and also provide in-house training and best practice solutions at Peddle Thorp.

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I’m also the founding committee member of BrisBIM, a BIM forum with a primary purpose of facilitating and bringing together the built environment community within the greater Brisbane region, to share and exchange thoughts and knowledge in respect to technology innovation across the industry.


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