This tip is really obvious but I’m surprised by the number of people that still get caught out by it, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

Scenario; you select an element that you wish to edit in sketch mode, such as a floor slab, but the Edit Boundary command is greyed out?


If you look more closely you’ll also notice that Pin is greyed out, implying that the element is pinned in place. You cannot edit the boundary of a pinned element. Once unpinned the expected commands magically become available again!



It’s easy to miss the pinned symbol on a crowded plan, but assuming that you can actually select the element, e.g. it’s not part of a Design Option (which would make it totally un-selectable), then a pinned element  is most likely the cause of the problem. Obviously if you didn’t pin the element, you should should investigate any potential repercussions of unpinning it – after all it will have been done for a reason!

betterRevit provides simple solutions for well documented (but often overlooked) features!

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  1. Beth says:

    thank you! this solved my problem!

  2. gels says:

    Excelent! Thanks a lot!!

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